Monday, November 21, 2011

David Bazan

When you think about an artist, you are probably thinking. When you think about an artist like David Bazan you are most likely thinking in concert with your head and your heart, if you have one or both of the afore mentioned characteristics. When you see this man in concert you are most likely thinking with your head and your heart which is most commonly known as your... Well if it has to be explained then your gut is not working properly.

In these times of uncertainty many people want answers. David Bazan delivers answers in a sort of time-tested, self-honed, unadulterated fashion. He is not searching for fame, though if it found him I find it highly unlikely that he would be kicking this fickle mistress out of bed. He delivers a sort of truth the catches you off-guard as a mugger in an alley and forces you to deal with the selves you've determined that you would never become, it is not always easy, but it's always honest that is something you can count on, especially in these times of uncertainty.

He makes you dream of selves you wish you were, selves you aspire to be. In the darkness of all the pragmatic realism he slaps you in the face with, he in all the selfless, self sacrificial glory offers up a burnt offering that you and only you can smell. While you hope that it's pure the reminder message is always that purity, much like beauty lies in the beholder. I leave out eyes, because in a time where sensitivity and reality are all filtered through a medium that many tap out and fell through their thumbs these days, eyes, may or may not play an integral part in the process, but as long as you are listening at least with your heart.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011